Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Battle of the Cleansers: Biore Combo Skin Balancing Cleanser vs. Biore 4-in-1 Revitalising Cleanser

Hi everyone,
Today we have a showdown of the Biore cleansers! Who will win? Biore's Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser or Biore's 4-in-1 Revitalising Cleanser. Let the battle begin!
Today we have two competitors battling it out to win the ultimate title here at the showground of Beauty Fix blog. First competitor in the arena is Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser.
This cleanser is formulated with Skin Purifying Technology which  deep cleans oily t-zones while cleansing drier areas of the skin, giving the face a balanced skin tone.
The next competitor versing this lovely product is the Biore 4-in-1 Revitalising Cleanser. This cleanser purifies, tones, stimulates and detoxifies skin without leaving the skin feeling tight.
The first category today that the competitors will be competing in today is the showdown of packaging. Both products have similar packaging and are both not travel-friendly (I know with this type of packaging, I tend to get nervous that it will leak in my suitcase). The Combination Skin Cleanser features a very handy pump and looks very sleek and simple. The Revitalising Cleanser also features a convenient pump but has a more of an irregular shaped bottle which is nice. Other than that, both products are the same - they have a nice look to them which draws your attention to the products. I am thoroughly enjoying the new look Biore has!
So the results of this round...A TIE!

The second round for this battle today is consistency. I am looking for a really nice consistency that I know will work nicely with my skin. The Combination Skin Cleanser has a very, very nice thick, gel-like consistency that feels very gentle yet thorough. To go along with this is the product's lovely, fresh scent. The Revitalising Cleanser also has a great consistency. In contrast to the first product, this cleanser is a lightweight foam that also has Biore's great scent. The battle of this category is really up to personal preference.
So the winner of this round is...Combination Skin Cleanser!

The battle is now heating up and the next category today is ingredients. Both products contain great ingredients that benefit the skin. The Combination Skin Cleanser is equipped with this Skin Purifying Technology. This ingredient removes all impurities from the skin but doesn't take away the skin's moisture, which is necessary in evening your skin tone. The Revitalising Skin Cleanser contains very natural ingredients. There is sugarbeet extract in it to condition the skin and help retain its moisture and there is also green tea and eucalyptus which provides an ultra cooling sensation. This round is a tough one but I will probably have to go with all naturale!
This winner is...Revitalising Cleanser!

The fourth round in this battle is all about how it works. The Combination Skin Cleanser builds up into a really nice lather. The cleanser is so effective in which it is so thorough yet so gentle. It left my skin feeling really balanced out - it felt not oily yet not dry! My skin felt so smooth and soft, as well as clean, afterwards. The Revitalising Skin Cleanser also really lathered up nicely with the foamy consistency. It felt like it was really doing its job but was not harsh on my skin at all. The product left my skin feeling so soft and smooth after using it and also it felt refreshed and clean. Both of these products really did their job and promote healthy skin.
The results of this round is...A TIE!

The battle is now coming to an end. And to conclude this battle, I have one more round...Price! Both cleansers are so affordable and of good value. The Combination Skin Cleanser is $10.99 for 200ml and the Revitalising Cleanser is $12.99 for 198ml. Also they both last for a quite a while so it is really good value. You can purchase both of these from Priceline, Target, Big W, Coles, Woolworths and Pharmacies.
So the winner of the final round is...Combination Skin Cleanser.

Before I announce the winner of the battle, I want to say that both of these cleansers are amazing. I would choose both to be winners if I could! It basically comes down to your personal preference. So if I was you, I would give both of these great cleansers a try.


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