Sunday, 5 February 2012

Australis Loves Limited Edition!

Hi everyone,
This post is about the four new limited edition products from Australis!

Colour Inject Mineral Lipsticks
RRP $12.95
So I am not really going into the product itself but more about the colours that are limited edition. So there are two Limited Edition Colours; Hustle and Hula. If you have tried the lipsticks, you know that they are super moisturising and are named after the colours of dances. Hustle is a soft apricot colour and Hula is a peachy colour.

Nail Colour
RRP $7.95
As you know I quite like the nail colours from Australis. You can check the review here! I think they are good quality and these shades are really nice. They are both matte shimmer nail colours which makes them limited edition. Flip Flops is an electric blue and Vampy is a sparkly velvet red. The shades suit warmer and cooler seasons and go well together for Australia Day nails. They are really nice!

These limited edition products are available from February to July 2012! Head to Big W, Kmart, Priceline, Target and selected pharmacies now!


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