Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spotlight Post: Your Question Answered!


Hi everyone!

So I recently received a question from a great viewer of Beauty Fix! I thought I should do a post to answer this!

"Anonymous said:
I am looking for a make up mirror like above. Do not need the suit case. Any options you found for just the mirror and lights?

There are not many of these out there. But I found two different alternatives.

The first alternative is the Lighted Vanity Makeup Desk. I found one onn Vanity Girl Hollywood but I do not know if it ships to Australia. The desk is quite pricey. The product is $749 and comes in black and white.

The second option is if you want the table for on-the-go and affordable. You can buy a nice fold away table and buy a light up mirror. The table can be purchased from Ikea, Fantastic Furniture etc. The light up mirror can be bought from many stores such as Bing Lee.
I hope that this answers your question!


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  1. Is the first one for cosmetology? Because its super cute!