Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Go-To Mascaras ft. Australis

Hi everyone,
I wanted to do this post for a while now but never got the chance.
My first go-to/everyday mascara is the Australis Lash TLC in Black Curling. The formula is really nourishing for your lashes as it contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B5. I think that it great and doesn't effect the end product. My lashes are separated, thick and long. The packaging is nice and the applicator and is curled and thick (The applicator may look different in the picture below. This is because my sister broke it). I absolutely love it!
RRP: $14.95
Lash TLC
The applicator

 My other favourite mascara is the Australis Killer Curves Mascara in Black and Black Brown. It is really natural yet provides curled, separated, thick and long lashes. I love the formula. The applicator is the total opposite of the Lash TLC. Australis Killer Curves is very thin and is silicon. The formula is also 'tubing' meaning no 'panda eyes'. Fantastic! I actually did a post on this product here!
RRP: $12.95

Killer Curves
The applicator
My extra mascaras
Here are some mascaras I can't wait to open!

Australis Lash Length Extensions Mascara
RRP: $11.95
This is a light-weight formula and has 'tubing' too. 95% of people surveyed found it comfortable, long-wearing and easy to remove.

Australis Extender Lash & Brow
RRP: $10.95
This mascara is waterproof and fast-drying. It is suitable for sensitive skin and works to nourish the hair cuticle to prevent breakage. Wow!

Australis Mega Lash Mascara
RRP: $11.95
I have it in Electric Blue, which I love. It has a traditional thick brush with a thickening formula, yet no clumps.

Australis Voluptulash
RRP: $10.95
This mascara has a silicon, curved brush and a 'tubing' formula. 100% of the people surveyed found their lashes were thicker and volumised.

Australis Multi Mega Lash
RRP: $12.95
It has a traditionally shaped mega brush and a rich, glossy formula. The product is also 'tubing' and is rated four stars.

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