Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blow Dry your hair faster with Cedel's Blow Dry Faster

Hi beauties,
I tried out Cedel Blow Dry Faster Heat Protector recently and wanted to share it with you. I really liked it. This product by Cedel minimises the time it takes to blow dry your hair while protecting your heat from the heat of the blow-dryer. It is infused with silk and wheat protein to leave your silky, smooth, tangle-free, frizz-free, soft and shiny. This products delivered! My hair was not soaking wet but still wet. It normally takes me 5-8 minutes to blow dry my hair. With Cedel's product, it took me 2-3 minutes. WOW! My hair felt more healthier and had that nice smooth and shiny texture to it. The packaging is nice and simple and grabs the attention of my eyes. The product is part of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and is a Silver Partner which is great. Cedel Blow Dry Faster has a spray dispenser like a spray bottle (kinda). I was absolutely amazed with this product.
Cedel Blow Dry Faster Heat Protector retails for $9.95 from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.
Great job Cedel to have produced an affordable yet fantastic product!


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