Saturday, 9 February 2013

4 more days to V-Day! Lush Willow Soap

Hi everyone,

So there is four more days to Valentine's Day and I have got the perfect product to prepare you for a great day and night! It is the Lush Willow Soap. The look of this soap is really nice. It looks really elegant and romantic. I love the delicate look of it. Something that stood out to me about this soap is the texture and consistency of it. Willow Soap feels really moisturizing, reminding me much of Lush's massage bars. It is more thick which I really do enjoy! The word that best describes this soap is creamy. It is super creamy! The soap is rose, silician lemon and rosewood. It's oh so romantic! The scent is so romantic. To me, all I smell is musk! It is so reminiscent of Musk Livesavers, but more elegant and mature. The soap lathers really nicely on your skin. Afterwards my skin felt really smooth and soft. Also my skin felt quite moisturised as well. Love this because you can't get that from many soaps. This is perfect to prepare for a great Valentine's Day. The scent lingers on your skin for a while, so you can still smell it afterwards. I love the delicate look and scent of the product! It is so romantic and elegant. I love it. I definitely recommend this for some pre - Valentine's Day pampering or a last-minute gift!
This product retails for $8.50 from Lush or on


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