Friday, 13 January 2012 January Opening (Review of Box)

OMG, I got my January How exciting?! Unfortunately, I wasn't there when the post man arrived, so I had to collect from the Post Office. I could see it sitting there! It didn''t camouflage at all next to all the boring brown boxes. My parcel was the most interesting by far!!! Anyway the outer box is no surprise. As always, it is strong and protective but so cute!

As you know, when you lift up the flap of the box, there is another, more sturdy, more attractive box! This is when I get more excited!

Once I took off the lid, there was the card and pretty tissue paper. I thought this box was going to be a regular box but instead it was Australia Day themed! YAY! 

I loved the Australian detail to the card. The card was very welcoming and mentioned how all the products in the January box are FULL SIZE. OMG! The ILoveThisBox team also reminded the customers about earning LovePoints.

As usual the back of the card was very informative. I love the images and extra details featured!

I also like how they inform you of the prices and the names of the products.

Below the card, is this tissue paper with a sticker. I really love the sticker and the tissue paper as it is so cute. Now this is the part where I get even more excited!!!

And this is what this month's ILoveThisBox looks like!

The first thing I saw is new to the box. This is a little card.

On the back of the card, is a Tip of the Month. How cute and cool is that?! This tip of the month is about cleaning your brushes!

The first product is an ILoveThisBox Angular Eye Shadow Brush. First thoughts...the brush is so soft and I am think I am going to find this very very useful. It is made from quality natural hair.

I received the Linden Leaves Herbalist Rosemary and Cypress Shampoo for the Assorted Body & Bath products. I like the herbal scent to it and I really look forward to trying out this product for my hair.

The next full size product I received was the Olive by Langlois Flavoured Lip Balm in Strawberry. This is the lip balm that was mentioned on the card in the last box but we got a different lip balm instead. I am really happy they included this because the product sounded really good from the description. So far, the strawberry lip balm smells delicious. 

I got the Revlon Nail Polish in Emerald City. I love nail polishes and this is a great shade for Aussie Day. I love how glittery it is!

The last thing I received in my ILoveThisBox is definitely my favourite. It is the Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliner in Very Violet. I have been into coloured eyeliner lately and I needed a purple to add to my collection. I love this!

I was absolutely amazed with January's ILoveThisBox. They had a great variety of products (hair, skincare, makeup, nails and tools). I can't wait to give these all a try!

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