Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2012

Hey everyone,
So I went into the city today and stopped by Lush. I am very surprised as I didn't purchase anything. I did pick up the new Lush Times. Here is a peek at the Valentine's Day Collection for 2012!
Sweetheart Soap
"Soap is sexy! Luxurious jasmine, mandarin and vanilla soap for silky, scented skin."

I think I will be purchasing this! It sounds so so so nice.
Magic Mushroom
"Seductively sweet vanilla fungi for your fun guy."

How cute is this bubble bar?! And the I like that it has a vanilla scent.
The Leap Frog
" A fizzy amorous amphibian for a sexy sandalwood, rose and jasmine soak."

Let me just say that this bath ballistic is loaded with some surprises!
Chou Chou...I Love You
"For romantic rose scented breath, brush with Chou Chou, mon petit bout d'chou!"

I think this is quite affordable!

A Million Kisses
"A softening ruby balm that gives you lips as red as rosehips."

This lip tint/balm is a nice colour to brighten up any day.
Love Potion
"A Love Perfume scented massage bar to enjoy with your other half."

What an attractive and cute product!

So that is all the products. They are not in stores yet. I hope they are soon!


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