Sunday, 21 July 2013

I Heart Lush: Sultana of Soap

Hi all,
So I absolutely love Lush (in case you haven't already noticed). And I have another product we delighted me. It was Lush Sultana of Soap. I don't normally purchase many soaps from Lush but this is going to be first on my shopping list. The soap looks so nice, like a big cake of Italian nougat. Yum! The product has the most beautiful scent. It smells nice and creamy and fruity. Sultana of Soap is encrusted with fruit and it full of copped apricots and currants. The scent is filled with spicy olibanum and smells like a sweet shop. The consistency of this soap is amazing. It is so soft and creamy. I love it! Sultana of Soap lathers really nicely on the skin. Afterwards, my skin felt so smooth and soft. It's superb! Also, the scent lingered on my skin for a while. When I was using the product, the scent just filled up my bathroom. It was delightful!

This product retails for $5.95 for 100g from Lush from

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