Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Intensify the eyes with Prestige's Total Intensity Eyeliners

Hey all,
I am very very very fussy when looking for an eyeliner to purchase and use. I guess I want my money spent to be worth it. I really look for a nice consistency and beautiful colour. And I have just the product that goes above and beyond my standards. It is the Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner
The packaging is great as it clearly communicates the colour of the eyeliner. The eyeliner provides intense colour with deep black undertones and comes in 10 shades. Wow! These eyeliners are really intense! I love them! What really seals the deal for me is their incredible consistency. They are super creamy and smooth and just glide on the skin. I can not explain how much I love their consistency. They are waterproof and smudge proof. I tried rubbing it so many times and the eyeliner did not budge at all. It's fantastic. The eyeliners are very long lasting and last up to 10 hours. On top of all of this, they are 100% paraben free. I have this eyeliner in two shades; Lively Turquoise and Strong Slate. Like its name Lively Turquoise is a very bright turquoise blue and it so metallic and vibrant. Strong Slate is an intense dark grey with black and purple undertones. It is so unique. I absolutely love these shades as they are so unique and intense. I particularly love Lively Turquoise. I am a bit bias though because any turquoise colour sucks me in. These eyeliners are amazing as the consistency is fantastic and the colour payoff is brilliant.
This product retails for $14.95 from Priceline and selected pharmacies.

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