Tuesday, 20 December 2011

ILoveThisBox.com.au December Opening (Review of Box)

Take a peek at the contents of this month's ILoveThisBox.com.au!

Hi everyone,
So this morning I received this box full of goodness for the first time. I was so excited. This gave me a chance to try out this beauty sampler box and see if I like it. When I got it, it looked like this! The box is an eParcel and Express. This meant I could track the parcel and it came quite quickly. This box was very functional and protected the products.
When you lifted it up, the box looked like the picture below. This was another box inside.
This is what the actual box looks like. It is very sturdy and useful with a cute colour scheme. You can use the box for heaps of different things.
Once you open the lid of the box, two things appear. They look very attractive and appealing!
The first thing is a card. On the front, which is shown below, is like a letter from the team introducing this month's box and enticing you to open it. I love the Christmas images featured on it.
On the back of this card is a product information sheet.
The information sheet contains the name, a bit about and the full size price of every product that you get in the box. I think this is absolutely fabulous as you know what you are getting and so on.
The next thing that I got was a sticker with Santa and the word 'Merry Christmas' on it.
On the card, it actually said that they included this in so you can stick it on top of the box, like below. This creates a box to put a Christmas present in. How innovative. I think this idea is so amazing!
Underneath those two things is tissue paper secured with a cute sticker. The tissue paper is normally purple but because it is Christmas, the paper is green.
When you open this, the box looks like the picture below. You can see all the products and red paper for Christmas. This is where I get all excited. ILoveThisBox.com.au had a great variety of different products this month.
The first thing was a special Christmas gift - a Magnolia Snow Flake Pendant. It is sterling silver. There was also a discount voucher for Magnolia in the box too.
This is the close up of the pendant.
The next product is the Adorn Face and Body Bronzer.
Another product I got was the Gatineau Intense Nourishing Body Lotion.
This is the Simply Organic Lip Balm. There was a bit of a mistake here as the card said it was the Olive by Langlois Flavoured Lip Balm.
The next product is Simply Organic Everyday Wash and Rinse. I can't wait to try this.
The last thing I got was two samples of Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck.
Below is what the packaging of the box looked like. Super cute!
I am really satisfied with this box. The samples were a good size, I get to try out new brands and products and it was super convenient and affordable. I am so eager to try these products. A review will be up soon! Go check out ILoveThisBox.com.au. It is great!


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