Thursday, 1 December 2011

Another Haul! Christmas: Lush, Typo and Priceline

Take a look at what I bought, shopping at Westfields Miranda!

A couple days ago, I went shopping. Westfields Miranda is such a great shopping centre. I picked up several items especially for Christmas. I went with my family and Madeline from It's All Beauty to Me.
First, I went to Lush (no suprise!). My sister and I were intending to get the Magic Wand but they hadn't got them in yet. That was a disappointment. Anyway I ended up purchasing Abombinaball which was $6.95, Candy Mountain which was also $6.95 and Tea Tree Toner Tab which was $1.95. Madeline bought several items including So White. So White smells so good and I am definitely purchasing it next time.

I also went to Priceline. I bought Sweet Little Things Luxury Bath Pillow which was I think $7.99. During December, I will be taking a lot of baths, so this was ideal. I also bought Camille Mae Luxury Soap in Warm Vanille which was on sale for $5.59.

The last thing I bought was from Typo. It is a stocking for $2. The product is quirky and great for many purposes.


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