Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My View On: Beauty Sampler Boxes

Read about what I have to say about beauty sampler boxes!

Hey beauties!
So as you know I have done several posts on these beauty sampler boxes in Australia. A beauty sampler box is where you pay a certain amount of money ($10-$15) a month to get a box delivered to your door full of different hand-picked sample size products! I think these are very convenient because a lot of people in the modern society are so busy and can't go out to purchase products and try them out. With this process, it is very easy to try new products and purchase the full size. Most of these companies allow you to buy the full size products that were in the box.

Australia has recently released several boxes. Actually many! These include Haute Box (coming soon), Red Meow (coming soon), Lust Have It, Bella Box,, GlossyBox and more! These all contain different brands which are great. And they make a great Christmas present!

Each box is packaged nicely and with great care. I really like it. Also it is great because you are not wasting money on buying full size products that you may not even like. So, check out each of these boxes to see what you like.

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