Friday, 23 December 2011

It is time for you with Soap & Glory's YouCube

Check out a great Christmas Gift Set from the one and only Soap & Glory!

So I wanted to review this fabulous set as it is getting so very close to Christmas! I absolutely love Soap & Glory. Actually when I went to Hawaii, a couple of months ago, Sephora had Soap & Glory online. So I went there with a shopping list for a couple of products from this company. Long story short, Ashleigh ended up with no Soap & Glory because they only sold it online. But of course, now they sell it in store. Finally I got my hands on some of Soap & Glory's products. This gift set is called YouCube like YouTube. If you know any beauty gurus on YouTube, you should give them this because that would be so cute. YouCube contains five products; all travel size. These are Clean on Me, The Righteous Butter, Flake Away, Hand Food and a fluffy super sudsy puff (according to Soap & Glory)! The box is awesome. The lid looks like silver sequins and the box is pink with words such as soap, clean, wash, glory etc. This label is actually a sticker so you can peel it off and use the box for different reasons. How innovative?! The products have cute, vintage packaging, are of good quality and are great travel sizes. Oh, and they all smell great. Hand Food is a hand cream which is really hydrating and moisturising. It is perfect to slip into your handbag. Clean on Me is a shower gel creme and is creamy and luxurious. The Righteous Butter is a body moisturiser and is thin but very hydrating, leaving my skin smooth and soft. Flake Away is a body polish and is exfoliating which leaves you skin with a nice shine. The loofah is so big and full which I love. It is fantastic for travel. Everything has great detail and smart but cute names. I really really like this. Soap & Glory YouCube is available from Kit Cosmetics!


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