Friday, 5 October 2012

Fight Jet Lag with Spa Fresh Blends' Jet Lag Spritz

Hi everyone,
Jet Lag is so common to travellers on long-haul flights. I travel a lot and therefore experience jet lag a lot. Travellers, you are in luck because there is a great, innovative product out on the Aussie beauty market. This product is Spa Fresh Blends Jet Lag Spritz. The spritz keeps you refreshed on both sides of the Pacific Ocean so jet lag won't put a snag in your plans. This product is so innovative. The Jet Lag Spritz is designed to assist when travelling long distances and especially when crossing timezones. The use of this product helps to eliminate tiredness and anxiousness. This in flight relief really gets you back on track you arrive at your destination feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. The packaging is great. It is a green bottle with a cap to protective the dispenser. The packaging is a glass spray bottle. The great benefit about this is that the packaging is designed to take on board your flight. I really like this product. The spritz contains aqua, lime cold pressed essential oil, geranium essential oil and peppermint essential oil. All you have to do is give the product a little shake and spray it twice and inhale it through the nose every couple of hours. The scent of the spritz is very earthy and nice. I really like it. The product actually does wake you up and help alleviate tiredness and anxiety. Inhaling the product, made me feel more refreshed and motivated. I love this product because it really does work and makes a perfect travel buddy.

Product Information:
Spa Fresh Blends Jet Lag Spritz 100ml
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