Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lush Christmas Party Popper

Hi beauties,
Christmas is certainly my favourite time of the year and I love spending it with my family and, of course, Lush! I know I have said this before, but I love Lush's Christmas products the most. I think I get so excited and basically buy the whole Christmas range! (Also I'm super excited to buy the Fun product).

I have already gone to Lush already but have also gotten the chance to pop Party Popper into my bath. And it was great! Party Popper is a festive bath ballistic, inspired by celebratory party poppers! The product looks like one too; it is pink on the bottom and blue up the top. When you put the ballistic in the bath, it is great! The products zooms around the bath and crackles. Yes, it contains the crackling candy. I love how Lush includes this little quirk as it adds the effect of the party popper cracking. How fantastic?! Also you find green confetti in the tub which actually is soap paper. This paper is made from fresh honeydew melon and soap flakes. I used them afterwards and it nourished and clarified my skin. I thoroughly enjoyed the soap paper. There were trails of blue and pink in my tub and eventually my whole bath turned pink. I loved it!
The fragrance of the ballistic smelt like I stepped into a Lush store. The scent was really uplifting and is a blend of bergamot and tangerine oils and healing rose oil. The product release a 'dry champagne' perfume and smells quite nice.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed using the Party Popper Bath Ballistic from Lush. It really lifted my mood and the scent lingered on my skin for a while. Also, the bath looked great!
RRP $5.95

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