Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Say good-bye to Panda Eyes with De-Coy's Panda Pen

What are Panda Eyes? They are the smudging, smearing or running of mascara or eyeliner in a southward direction, forming large black circles. It is a make-up no-no caused by:
  •  An unsteady hand when applying eye makeup
  • Daily wear and tear
  • Hay fever
  • Lunch-hour workouts
  • Airport farwells
  • Chick flicks
  • Best friend's wedding
  • Nights out on the dance floor
  • Accidental sleepovers
  • Break-ups
  • Hot, humid days
  • Unexpected pool parties
I know we all have had one of these Panda Eye moments before and we all want to get rid of it. Well behold, De-Coy Panda Pen. This is the brand new solution to an age old problem. Panda Pen is a revolutionary eye makeup remover for precise control over what eye makeup stays and what goes. It is the solution to every woman's social needs. Instead of lugging around a bottle of eye makeup remover and a cotton tip, you can fit the Panda Pen in your handbag. This all-in-one handbag friendly corrector pen is a lightweight and portable tool.

You remove the seal before use. The product consists of two triangular buttons which you squeeze simultaneously to release a dose of remover to the woven cotton tip. This conditioning eye makeup remover is made in Australia and doesn't leave an oily residue. There is a renewable, revolving tip of woven cotton at the slide of a button. You gently wipe the unwanted makeup off the skin and then slide the button on the side to reveal a clean new end. How fantastic is this?! This super convenient tool rescues you from at least 100 Panda Eye moments. Hooray! The product even removes waterproof eye makeup. It is 100% oil free and is suitable for sensitive skin. De-Coy Panda Pen has no added perfume or colours or no animal derived ingredients and is not tested on animals. I love everything about this pen.

The packaging of the product is great, sleek, portable and convenient. It has a protective lid to prevent damage. It looks so unique. Panda Pen is very practical. The triangular buttons release eye makeup remover which effectively removes the makeup you want gone. The tip is super precise and the slide of a button gives you a new end for your next Panda Eye moment. This product is amazing and something that will constantly be in my handbag. I just love it!

Product Information:
De-Coy Panda Pen
RRP $29.95 at selected boutiques and


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