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Greetings from Paradise! Ulta3's Holiday Collection


Hi all,
So yes, Christmas is basically around the corner and it is starting to become time to get some lovely Xmas presents. Ulta3 is launching the ultimate affordable and on trend holiday collection, perfect for Summer. This brand has totally taken the warmer Christmas weather into account.

The first part to their holiday collection is the memorable Candy Cane. This cute and popular gift features ten 10 full size nail polishes. No-one could possibly have these nail polishes already as they are new, bright colours for this season. It is the ideal gift for women of all ages and is so cute and decorative under the tree. I've already done a review on the nail polishes (which you can check out here ) but they are of great quality and look so good on.
The packaging is so cute and the shades are so bright yet wearable. There is Exotic Canary (a vibrant yellow), Tangerine Tango (a lovely, bright orange), Peach Paradise (a nice, pinky peach), Coral Reef (a vibrant coral red), Pink Hibiscus (a perfect mid pink), Flirty Bikini (an iridescent pinky-purple, Acapulco Bliss (an iridescent unique purple), Sea Breeze Swirl (a lovely mint green), Calypso Holiday (an iridescent turquoise blue) and Pacific Splash (an iridescent deep dark blue). I truly enjoy all these shades but my favourites are Flirty Bikini and Calypso Holiday.
Left to Right: Exotic Canary, Tangerine Tango, Peach Paradise, Coral Reef and Pink Hibiscus
Left to Right: Flirty Bikini, Acapulco Bliss, Sea Breeze Swirl, Calypso Holiday and Pacific Splash
RRP $12.95

The next product is so ideal for those travelling in the Christmas break. It is the Greetings from Paradise Mini Nail Collection. I know when I travel, I want to bring nail polishes but very it very hard to do so. However, this product makes it so easy and convenient. The box with magnetic closure is so cute and is re-usable. The product features 5 mini nail polishes in Calypso Holiday (an iridescent turquoise blue), Turquoise Treasure (an iridescent turquoise green), Flamingo Funk (a vibrant poppy red), Pink Hibiscus (a perfect mid pink) and Peach Paradise (a nice, pinky peach). I think this is great value and is also so great because because it contains two shades that are not in the Candy Cane.
Left to Right: Calypso Holiday, Turquoise Treasure, Flamingo Funk, Pink Hibiscus and Peach Paradise.
RRP $8.95

The last gift to the Ulta3 Holiday Collection is the Greetings from Paradise Makeup Palette. This gift really completes your summer look. The product features 3 summery eye shadows, a blush and a bronzer. These are all packaged in one palette book flat enough to fit in you suitcase. This makes it super convenient. I love it! The products are all of great quality and go on quite well. The book palette even contains a 'Create the Look' on the inside cover. This is so great.
The three eye shadows are Sand Dune (sandy bronze), Tropical Sea (a nice aqua) and Coconut Grove (a red-toned brown). The blush is Summer Glow (a peachy pink) and the bronzer is Evening Sunset (a mid bronze/brown). I really enjoy this product.
Top to Bottom: Coconut Grove, Tropical Sea and Sand Dune
Top to Bottom: Summer Glow and Evening Sunset
RRP $9.95

I really like all the products that Ulta3 has to offer this Christmas. They make great gifts!
Available November 2012

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