Monday, 29 October 2012

ghd Review: Lovely Brushes

ghd is a great hair care brand. They have many great products including two which I want to share with you today.
The first product from ghd is the Oval Dressing Brush. This product is a classic brush for dressing and finishing the hair. It is made up of natural bristles which makes it quite soft on the hair. The packaging is nice and sleek. The black colour with silver end makes it look so appealing and attractive. The brush really finishes the hair, whether it is up or down. It also makes it gives the hair a nice, soft texture. I think that this brush is great and is something that I will be using basically everyday. I recommend to everyone as it is a brush that gives your hair a beautiful finish and texture. This product retails for $34 and is well worth the money!

The next product from this great brand is the Size 2 Natural Bristle Radial Brush. This product is perfect when looking for total styling control. The brush is Size 2 which is perfect for short to mid length hairstyles. Again, the packaging is nice and sleek and the black colour with silver end makes it appealing and attractive. I really love the packaging. The product is made with natural boar bristles to combat static and grip the hair for better control, while smoothing out any frizz. This is just the perfect brush. The brush really grips the better but it slides nicely through the hair. I really enjoy this brush and again would recommend it to everyone as it is a brush of great quality. This product retails for $32- $34

I really really like these brushes and am going to continue to use them!

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