Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bourjois Review: Foundation, Eyeshadow & Eyeliner

Bourjois is a great make-up brand which I love. They launch products that are of such great quality.

The first product I'm reviewing today is Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in Light Beige. The formula contains a combination of three micronised concealing pigments. The yellow concealing pigments are for a rested complexion. The mauve radiance-boosting pigments light up your complexion and the green anti-redness pigments to eradicate high colour and even the tone. This innovative formula makes it super easy to hide imperfections and blemishes. It gives you a perfect complexion for up to sixteen hours. The foundation has 24 hour hydration benefits, letting your skin breathe, and contains SPF10. 123 Perfect Foundation also contains mattifying cotton flowers for protection of up to 16 hours. The product has a melting texture to soften and smooth the skin. I think this formula is superb. The packaging is quite sleek. The glass bottle makes it able to see shade. The packaging also includes a handy pump. One pump is the perfect amount for the whole face. The consistency of the foundation is really nice. The product goes on really well and has great coverage. It is very long-lasting and gives you a flawless face. It is fantastic!
RRP $32

The next product is Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow. The eye shadows are baked which offers eyeshadow with luminous colour and a silky texture that instantly blends into the skin. Use a slightly wet brush for the pearly shimmer and colour pigments to create a vivid effect. The packaging is nice and they have a boutique style to them. The compact is cute and has a mirror on the inside. The eye shadows have a really nice, smooth consistency. They go on quite nice and well. The colour is quite pigmented and looks lovely on. Shade 08 is a beautiful shimmering creamy gold, similar to Hello Kitty Eyeshadow in Desert Dore. Shade 06 is a shimmering, smoky black. I really like both these shades. I can see me wearing 08 for an everyday look and 06 for more drama.
RRP $20
Another product is Bourjois Smoky Eyes in Bleu Rock. This product comes with three cohesive shadows and a double-sided sponge-tip applicator. The packaging is simple and sleek, like all Bourjois' products. They are also baked. The product is enriched with mother-of-pearl pigments to make blending easier and they last for eight hours. This is so great! Again, the shadows apply very nicely and go on smooth. They are long-lasting and have great pigmentation. The product is packed with such convenience as it is portable and you can use it when on-the-go! The first shade is an iridescent white. The second eyeshadow is almost sparkly blue with a tinge of turquoise. This is definitely my favourite colour. The last out of the three shades is a dark shimmering blue. These shades really work well together to create a beautiful smoky eye. This product is of great quality and is so convenient. It is great!
RRP $28

The last Bourjois product is Bourjois Effet Smoky Eye Pencil in Smoked Brown. The eyeliner aims to make it super easy to create a smoky eye in just two simple steps. The product comes with the eyeliner and a smudging brush on the other side. The packaging is simple yet sleek. It is so convenient because the eyeliner is double-sided with a brush so you can just take this one product for a great smoky eye. The eyeliner has a beautiful smooth consistency and glides onto the eyelid. This a fantastic benefit and is an important aspect of a great eyeliner. Smoked Brown is a nice browny colour. The shade is so versatile because you can create a natural look with it or a dramatic look too. The brush is a great size to smudge the eyeliner. It is quite soft and is really easy to use and smudge the eyeliner. The product is so great because it is so easy to use and is of fantastic quality. It is a superb eyeliner and just is great. I absolutely love this.
RRP $20


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