Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tan with U Little Beauty Luxurious Natural Self Tan

Hi all,
Summer is fastly approaching and I have just the thing to get you tanned (the healthy way). U Little Beauty Luxurious Natural Self Tan is a fake tanning lotion made with all natural and organic ingredients. The beauty market has put an innovative little product as this self tanner gives you all the benefits of a faux glow with no nasty ingredients. The formula contains 100% natural and certified ingredients but feels more like a moisturiser. Also, there is no fake tan smell. It is an all-in-one cream that moisturise the skin while delivering a streak-free tan. The formula is made to adapt to individual skin tones, aiming to give a gorgeous honey glow. The product is enriched with rose flower oil and contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients. This formula is just so great!
To apply the tanning lotion, you have to have clean and dry skin. You have to apply evenly. This is very important. You have to leave to tan on for 8 hours or overnight. The product does even stain your sheets as it is invisible. The formula dries quickly and washes off into an even colour. The tan keeps developing for 24 hours. To achieve maximum intensity, apply it again every 2-3 days. This tanning lotion is suitable for your body and face.
The packaging of Luxurious Natural Self Tan is simple but pretty. The tanning lotion really does its job and produces a nice honey glow on the body. I quite like this product.

Product Information:
U Little Beauty Luxurious Natural Self Tan
RRP $24.95 from Priceline and Priceline Pharmacies nationally or online.


  1. Could you please do some more posts which aren't reviews because they are my favourite!

    1. I will take your request in. What type of posts do you like?