Monday, 14 January 2013

Get smooth legs with Veet Wax Strips

Hi everyone,
So we are in the middle of Summer and smooth legs are a Summer essential! How do you get hairless and smooth legs? By using this fantastic product. It is Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax Strips.
This product comes with 20 Wax Strips and 4 Perfect Finish Wipes. The wax strips are designed for use on legs, arms, underarms and bikini lines. This waxing product gives you a better grip and perfect results. It is made with a specially developed grip tab to help you get the best waxing technique for perfect results in one easy move. What is so amazing about this is that the product has a new short hair claim and is therefore able to remove hair 1.5mm long!

The product gives you long lasting results. Your skin stays touchable smooth for up to four weeks. These wax strips remove your hair at the root and are also clinically proven to make hairs grow back fewer, finer and softer. Wow, I like this! It is effective on short hair. It grabs hair as short as 1.5mm! What I really enjoy about this product is that it cares for your skin type. These EasyGrip Strips are for sensitive skin and are dye free. They contain Almond Oil and Vitamin E which are both well-known for their skin caring properties.
The wax strips were really easy to use and apply. Afterwards, they gave me really good results. My legs were nice and hairless and were super smooth. The smoothness lasted for a couple of weeks and I was very impressed.
This product retails for $10.99 from supermarkets and pharmacies nationally.

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