Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My View on: Rolling Makeup Cases from Dance Moms

Read more on my opinion about the rolling makeup cases seen in the reality show Dance Moms.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me tell you. Dance Moms is a reality show about a dance studio and particularly a group aged 6-13 with their mothers and teacher, Miss Abby. Along with their talent is their makeup. Well they have these luxurious cases with tables and mirrors and lights. Wow, just amazing.

Dance Moms Makeup Case

Take a look at the video above that I put together. It is an introduction to their beauty world during Episode 1.

Well, during research, I found out that they have two different cases and that there a similar ones that you can buy online. One is affordable and the other is a bit pricey. I think that they are a great investment because you can store all your makeup in it even if you are not a dancer.

So the one with the mirror and lights that stands up is pictured above. I found this on sale at Makeup Creations for $595. If you are interested, check out the site because it provides you a great description of the case.

The other one is just the standard case which I love. I found these at Yazmo ranging from $119.95 to $219.95. The great thing about these are that they have lots of storage but are also cute. There are a lot of designs ranging from Turquoise Zebra print to Brown and Pink Polka Dots.

So I think they are great. Comment below to tell me your opinion!


  1. I am looking for a make up mirror like above. Do not need the suit case. Any options you found for just the mirror and lights?


    1. Hi,
      I actually have done a spotlight post on it! Let me know if you have trouble finding it!

  2. If you go to it has the same one from dance moms!!!

  3. do the ones from yamzo have mirrors?

  4. those are so cool!

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  6. Hey Ashleigh (winky face!)

    At my dance studio, a lot of the competition girls go to a hardware store and purchase a rolling toolbox, like stanley. They have drawers and other compartments. Then the girls decorate them, stickers, spray paint, duct tape. It's a lot cheaper than those make up cases and still serve the same purpose. They run anywhere from 30-80$

  7. I Like the crystal one that mackenzie and maddie's mom has.

  8. Does anyone know what case Melissa uses for the girls?