Sunday, 30 September 2012

Shave like never before with Schick's Hydro Silk

Hi all,
I just tried out Shick Hydro Silk razor and had to review for you today. This is a new product out on the Aussie beauty market. Shick Hydro Silk is Shick's first five-blade razor for women and leverages seven years of blade technology to deliver Shick's closest shave yet. This product comes with one razor with blade, one refill and a shower hanger. Hydro Silk is designed specifically for the curves of a woman's body.
This razor contains five Curve Sensing blades which are individually mounted. This allows the specially designed blade tips to flow smoothly over the skin and are designed to decrease the amount of force required when shaving. There is also a Skin Guard on top of each blade to maintain ten points of contact to skin smooth while shaving and reduce irritation.
The aspect that makes this product so unique is its Water Activated Moisturising Serum. This is found within the two contoured reservoirs in the head of the razor and is infused with hydrating marine extracts and Shea butter to give back moisture to your skin for up to two hours after shaving. The oval shape and dimensions of the cartridge easily fits into hard to reach areas and makes it easy to maneuver around contours. The soft touch handle is inspired by water for a beautiful look and makes it easy to control. You now get surprising hydration from your razor. The razor is so perfect. You get silky, smooth skin from this product and it makes it so easy to control and use. The shower hanger is great to hold the razor. I absolutely love the hydrating serum which makes shaving so easy and makes my skin so soft. I really love this razor and am definitely going to keep using it.


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  1. I have one like this. It's very cute and satisfying. I like the shower hanger, it's very effective. Very comforting!