Thursday, 1 November 2012

Billie Goat Soap Review

Hi all,
Today I have another great product to show to you guys today. It is Billie Goat Soap in Plain. Goat's milk has be recognised and known for its skin loving properties. Fresh goat's milk is high in Vitamin A, B6 and B12 and also contains niacin and potassium. This milk is very high in the antioxidant selenium and contains lactic acid which helps to exfoliate, cleanse and soften the skin, living it glowing. What is also great about goat's milk is that it is soothing and gentle on even sensitive skin, making it suitable for dry or sensitive skin. This is fantastic as goat's milk is the key ingredient in this soap. Billie Goat Soap also contains saponified olive oil, saponified sweet almond oil, saponified palm oil and saponified grapeseed oil and does not contain colour or fragrance. This product has so many benefits to it.
The packaging of the soap is really cute. It comes packaged is a lovely box. The soap itself has a goat shape on top which is so appealing for kids and adults. The fragrance is plain and smells quite nice. When you feel the soap, it feels really moisturising. Billie Goat Soap feels really nice on the skin and nicely lathers. The product really nourishes your skin and afterwards my skin felt so smooth and soft. It is so good to cleanse the skin and give it moisture. Also my skin looked more glowing. This is a great soap to get your skin back into shape. I truly love it and am going to continue to use it as my everyday soap. Even for the most sensitive skin, this product works like magic!
This product retails for $8.95 from all good pharmacies, health & gift stores, Myer, David Jones and Babies R Us.


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