Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Solid Perfumes: Lush Breath of God

Hi all,
So I have a Lush product to show and tell! This product is from the Gorilla Perfume range which launched not too long ago. Breath of God Solid Perfume is really cute and portable that is super easy to throw in your bag. The packaging is cohesive with the rest of Lush's products and is quite cute and attractive. The main notes of this fragrance are cedarwood, rose, ylang ylang, vertivert and lemon. To be completely honest, I dislike the smell of the solid perfume at first. It can smell medicinal. But give this perfume a chance! Throughout the day, the scent really develops and smells GREAT. The fragrance combines two perfumes. One has sandalwood and amber inpsired by the Tibetan temples and the other contains lemon, neroli and rose inspired by the air of the mountains. There are melon notes, which I can really smell, which combines to create a great scent. I think that this solid perfume is superb and is even better as it retails for $7.95. What a bargain!
RRP $7.95 from Lush or online at www.lush.com.au


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