Thursday, 6 December 2012

Solid Perfumes: Pacifica California Star Jasmine

Summer is already here! I have a brilliant solid perfume to share with you today that is perfect for this weather. It is the Pacifica California Star Jasmine Solid Perfume. Pacifica is a brand that I had found on my last trip in the US. They stocked it at Sephora and as a 500 point-perk I received one of their mini gift sets. Once I tried it, I needed to know if Pacifica could be bought in Australia. And yes it can! Everyday Luxuries sells Pacifica!
The packaging of this product is really cute. It is pink and summery. I just love it. The jar is so portable and easy to pop in your handbag and use when on-the-go. This is absolutely fantastic! California Star Jasmine Solid Perfume is super easy to apply and use. All you have to do is put some on your finger and rub it where you want the fragrance. Pacifica's product is made with organic soy and coconut wax and the perfume is blended with essential and natural oils. The main notes in this perfume is star jasmine, orange and faint driftwood. The scent itself is beautiful. It is very floral-like and smells exactly like jasmines. If you like any floral scents or jasmine flowers, this is superb for you. Also the scent lasts for quite a while. I really like this solid perfume because it smells divine and is so convenient to have and to use. It is a bargain as it retails for $12.95.
RRP $12.95 from Everyday Luxuries


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