Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Beauty Bubs: Billie Baby Products

Hi to all the mums out there,
I have two great products for your bubs that both of you will enjoy. Billie Baby offers some great products for babies that really benefit their skin.
The first product is the Billie Baby Moisturiser. The key ingredient in this product is the skin-loving Goat's Milk. I have talked about the benefits of this ingredient in a post which you can check out here! This moisturiser is specifically formulated for babies with sensitive skin. The packaging is really cute, bubbly and colourful, perfect to go in a nursery. The formula has no fragrance, no colour and contains organic ingredients. I think this is so good for babies. The moisturiser also has colloidal oatmeal and vitamin e which are both fantastic ingredients in moisturising and nourishing the skin. The consistency is really nice and lightweight. I love it! Also, the scent of the product isn't too bad and is actually nice. Billie Baby Moisturiser really nourished my skin and made it so soft and smooth. I really enjoyed it as my skin was greatly hydrated.
RRP $14.95
The next product is the Billie Baby Butt Cream. The key ingredient in the product is also Goat's Milk which I strongly enjoy. The packaging of this cream is again cute and unique and is packaged in a jar, which I like. This cream is ideal for providing soothing relief from nappy rash, heat rash or irritated skin. It really creates a soothing barrier on newborn skin. The butt cream contains all-natural ingredients, as well as no fragrance and no colour, which is really nice. I really like the consistency of the cream as it is thick yet lightweight. The scent is the same as the moisturiser and is quite nice. Billie Baby But Cream really moisturises the skin and makes the skin so smooth and soft. This is a great pair with the moisturiser.
RRP $14.95
These two products are really good for babies. I recommend to any mummies for their bubs! They also make perfect baby shower gifts. You can purchase these products from all good pharmacies, health & gift stores, Myer, David Jones and Babies R Us.

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