Monday, 12 November 2012

Two hair products worth buying ft. ghd

Hi beauties,
So I know I am really fussy when picking products for my hair. You are probally too? Well, today I have two great products from ghd that you won't regret purchasing!
The first product is ghd Curl Hold Spray. If you want your curls, and even waves and flicks to stay put without looking like you've sprayed the whole can of hairspray on them, then this is the product for you. This hair care product is for all hair types and is for creating curls with your hair styler. It is a lightweight spray which helps your curls to be long lasting yet bouncy. The packaging is cohesive with the rest of the ghd Style range. It is asthetically pleasing, sleek and attractive. The touch of pink colour is really cute and makes it easier to set it aside from your other ghd products. Like the Heat Protect Spray, the dispenser is like a spray bottle. I found the product super easy to use and apply as you just spray it onto dry hair and work it in before curling with a heat styler. Again, the ghd hair product has a lovely fragrance which smells almost like perfume. I love it! Curl Hold Spray features the ghd Heat Protection System. This is a major benefit as it combines polymers to protect the hair from direct heat contact, conditioning agents to protect against rapid moisture loss and enzymes to protect your hair from UV induced free radicals. The product also contains corn starch. This ingredient provides protein and panthenol to provide protein. Panthenol is included in the formula to pan elastic to protect and provide an elastic-like hold to the hair. This spray really works to reduce frizz and static as well. I noticed this when using the product. I felt that my curls lasted for a long time but my hair wasn't firm or crisp.
RRP $22

The next product is the ghd Smooth & Finish Serum. I think the concept of this product is superb as it aims to give a defined, silky finish after styling, helps eliminate frizz and temporarily smoothes down split ends. If your having a bad hair day, this is definitely the product to try. The packaging is the similar to the product above but is smaller and has a touch of blue, which is unique. The product actually has a very functional pump dispenser and mechanism. The product has a fantastic gel-like consistency which is super easy to smooth out into the hair. The scent is so nice and fragrant. I love it! The serum is super lightweight and is suitable for all hair types. There is nothing worse than putting a heavy hair product on your hair that makes you feel like it is weighing your hair down. The formula contains a natural based polymer which helps protect, lubricate, build and restore the hair. I found that this product is quite easygoing, in terms of application. I felt a healthier change in my hair after using this product. It made my hair look natural but better! My hair was soft and velvety to touch and had more shine to it. My hair looked and feeled much healthier all round which I thoroughly enjoyed.
RRP $22

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