Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser

Hi beauties,
Today I have another fantastic review about a product from Lush. This product is Lush's 9 to 5 Cleanser. This is a product designed for the busy bee and I think it is superb! It is a cleanser that you use without water and wipe off with a cotton pad. I find this so convenient. The packaging is nice and simple and matches with the rest of the Lush skincare line. The dispenser is great and easy to use. Also, the consistency is really thin. This gentle cleanser is made with almond oil, dove orchids and everlasting flower absolute. These ingredients work together really well. I really enjoyed this product. It was so easy to apply and is really quick to use too. Afterwards, my skin felt really clean, healthy, smooth and soft. What is so unique about this product is that it really hydrates the skin. Although my skin felt clean, it also was moisturised. I think that this feature is absolutely great! I really love it as it removes daily dirt and grime without any problem. This product retails for $7.95 for 95g and $15.95 for 40g. You can purchase this product from Lush or online at


  1. HEY! Our LUSH is about to open and I can't wait!! So excited about the swap!!

    1. Hey!
      That's great! You'll absolutely love Lush! I'm so excited too!