Monday, 19 November 2012

Lush's Emotional Brilliance!

Hi all,
I have heard all about the Lush Emotional Brilliance line and I was quite surprised that Lush was making cosmetics. It was awesome! So I had to try it out myself.
The first product out of the three I have is the Lush Liquid Eyeshadow in Intuitive. The base softens really easily into the skin and is made of soothing rose petal infusion, almond and jojoba oils. It also contains Cupuacu butter which helps to set the colour pigment nicely. I really like the sounds of this! The packaging of this product is cohesive throughout the Emotional Brilliance line and is really unique. The bottles are quite cute! The applicator is a sponge-tip and makes it quite easy to use and apply the product. The colour Intuitive is really nice. It is a shimmery lime green and is similar to Buxom's Stay There Shadow in Shih Tzu. The shade has such variety as it can create a bold look and a natural one too. The quality of the product is great. I quite enjoy the consistency and how smooth it glides on. Also, the shadow stays and has quite good lasting power.
RRP $24.95


Another product is the Lush Liquid Eyeliner in Control. The base contains the same ingredients as the liquid eye shadow - soothing rose petal infusion, almond and jojoba oils and cupuacu butter. This is a benefit as they seem like great ingredients and work together really well. The packaging is the same as the product above which adds a great cohesion to this new line. The applicator is a thin liner brush which makes is super easy to apply the liner and build up the thickness of the line. The shade Control is a great eyeliner colour. It is dark blue. This is great for a dramatic or natural look. Again, the quality is really lovely. It is quite long lasting and glides on so well. I really like it.
RRP $24.95


The last product from the Emotional Brilliance line is the Lush Liquid Lipstick in Confident.
The formula of this product contains a skin softening base. This base is a blend of organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. These ingredients are super softening and soothing on the skin and carry pigment really well. Again, I love how you can control the amount of subtly or drama you want by building on the colour or sheering it out. The packaging is cohesive with the rest of the line and is really cute. The colour Confident is quite nice. The shade is a dark rose colour. I think it is matte but it may have a slight shimmer to it. I have have said several times throughout this post, the quality of this product is superb. It goes on really well and stays on the lips for a long time. One thing that I really enjoyed is how it didn't dry out the lips. When you blended it out, it acted more as a lip stain. This is a great product.
RRP $24.95

All the products from the Lush Emotional Brilliance line are great. You should definitely go check them out.


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