Tuesday, 6 November 2012

ghd Heat Protect Spray

Hey all,
I have another great product from ghd to share with you beauties today! Heat protection for your hair is super important. Without it, your hair can become lifeless and unhealthy. ghd Heat Protect Spray will prevent this. This is a super lightweight spray and a nice fragrance. I think it smells so so so so lovely. The packaging is really practical. The lid doesn't fall off and is securely attached so you can throw it in a bag and know that it will be safe! The dispenser is like a spray bottle but it is really easy to spray. Also, it looks really sleek and appealing. This formula is suitable for all hair types and contains heat protection polymers. These provide protection from direct contact with heat styling products. It also has heat protection conditioning agents which protect against rapid moisture loss. ghd Heat Protect Spray contain heat protecting enzymes to provide protection from UV induced free radicals and conditioning agents to improve the hair' structure. I think that the ingredients used in this hair product are superb. This product really allows you to achieve maximum effects of heat styling without the compromise. It is so easy to apply and use. The product left my hair feeling really silky, soft and smooth. Also, I noticed my hair was glossy and had a nice shine. I felt that my hair was a lot more healthier and didn't undergo the negative side effects of using heat styling products. Overall, I love this product and think that it is a great product for your hair when heat styling.
RRP $24

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