Thursday, 8 November 2012

I love Lush: Lush Sparkle Toothy Tabs

Hi beauties,
So I have another Lush review for you guys today and it is on the Lush Sparkle Toothy Tabs. This is a revolutionary product for your teeth. Toothpaste is the most used cosmetic product. We use everyday and we often don't even think about it. Instead, Lush has challenged the normal. Four percent of every toothpaste tube is wasted because we can't squeeze it out and thousands of aluminium tubes are thrown away which end up in landfill. Lush can prevent this with their new invention called the Toothy Tabs. They are solid tabs which get rid of the need for unwanted packaging and come in a handy box made of recyclable materials. Each pack contains 40 tabs. All you have to do is pop it in your mouth, crush it a bit and brush your teeth as normal.
It contains great ingredients which are all natural and vegan. These tabs have a mild base of sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar. The sodium bicarbonate helps to thoroughly clean and whiten your teeth and the cream of tartar helps to make the solid form. There is also a gentle surfacant that creates the foaming effect. This helps dissolve the bacterial build up on your teeth, which you can get rid of completely by brushing. The formula includes dicalcium phosphate to help polish the teeth, glycerine which acts as a humectant and saccharin to sweeten.
The packaging is so cute. The tabs come in a convenient, little box which you slide open. It also has a fun, little quirk involved which made me smile so much.
Sparkle is a teeth whitening palate cleanser, designed to take away any flavours in your mouth and leave you with sweet, fresh breath and dazzling pearly, white teeth. The fragrance is a blend of lemon, grapefruit, black pepper and sea salt. I really liked this toothpaste as I noticed that my teeth were more white and my breath was fresh and zingy.
RRP $2.20


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