Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A new revolution in hair care? Cedel's Dry Conditioner

You can leave your (shower) cap on with Cedel's new Dry Conditioner. This product is a waterless, leave-in, no-rinse foam for your hair to give it an instant boost of hydration and shine. How convenient is this?! I know that in today's society a lot of people are on-the-go and are really busy. Cedel Dry Conditioner provides people with beautiful and healthy hair without being put out or disadvantaged. This product is for ALL HAIR TYPES. Yay! I guess, you are probably thinking it is only for dry hair. Cedel Dry Shampoo removes excess oils. Cedel Dry Conditioner adds back nourishing moisture. They are the perfect pair. The dry conditioner contains Vitamin E and Wheat Bran extract which is great. It is also a Silver Partner for the National Breast Cancer Foundation which is another bonus. I found that the product in addition with a dry shampoo, made my hair feel smooth, silky, soft and full of life. The product was so easy to apply as the foam dissolves in your hair. The application process was so easy and quick I could not believe it and it had nice, simple packaging. Overall, this product is fantastic and I will definitely keep using it for a quick pick me up. It retails for $9.99 (so cheap)  from Priceline and selected pharmacies nationally.


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