Monday, 24 September 2012

The lovely Facial Fresh Green Tea Cloth Mask

Hi all,
I have already reviewed the Facial Fresh Vitamin C Cloth Facial Treatment Mask which has led me to high expectations for the Green Tea Mask. And this mask has definitely not let me down. All Facial Fresh's masks are so revolutionary and innovative because they provide a spa treatment within the comfort of your own home. The packaging is really simple and nice - a cardboard sleeve enclosing the hygienically packaged cloth mask. The cloth mask is saturated in serum which makes it really wet. Like the other product from Facial Fresh, Green Tea Cloth Facial Treatment Mask contains advanced skin enhancing cosmeceutical ingredients. This includes clinically proven anti-oxidants, vitamins and botanicals. The Green Tea Mask instantly soothes and relaxes stressed, irritated and uncomfortable skin. Green Tea helps neutralise and protect cell from free radical damage and environmental exposure. When you put on the mask, your skin feels really refreshing. During the fifteen minutes of having the mask on, I felt my skin was calm and relaxed. The mask really is soothing. Afterwards, my skin was smooth, soft, as well as tight. My skin also felt healthy. I love this mask because it is great for soothing stressed skin. Well done Facial Fresh!
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