Friday, 28 September 2012

Manicare's Awesome Tools - Maxi Buff, Tweezers and Concealer Brush

Manicare is the ultimate brand for beauty tools. I have three products from Manicare to review for you today.
The first product is Manicare Retractable Travel Concealer Brush. This brush is so portable and great for travel and also is retractable. The product is ideal for covering dark circles, blemishes and any other imperfections. The size of the product is so convenient. The brush has a tapered head for spot application and blending in concealer. You can use the tip for small areas and use the flat side for larger areas. The product comes with a lid to avoid mess and not snag the bristles. The concealer you use can be powder, liquid, cream or stick. It is made with fine quality soft synthetic bristles which makes it super soft. This product makes it so easy to apply concealer. You can just throw it in your handbag or keep in your car for on-the-go touch ups. This product is just so convenient and great.
RRP $9.95

The next product is Manicare Ultimate Point Tweezers. This product is made with perfectly aligned, hand crafted ultra fine tips for ultimate precision. Using high quality anti-corrosive Japanese stainless steel with a contoured grip for control. This product is ideal for easy removal of short, fine or ingrown hair and splinters. This product comes with a protective case which is great for carrying around and for travel. The tweezers really work well and are of good quality. I really like these.
RRP $8.95

The final product is Manicare Maxi Buffer. This product buffs and shines natural nails without the use of nail polish. It has extra flexible cushioning which is fantastic. There are three parts to this buffer. The black smooths away ridges and stains. The white creates a satin finish on the nails and the grey achieves a super natural shine. It has so many benefits in one product. I love it. This is also a product with such convenience which you can throw in your purse and use when on-the-go. This is something that is always handy - I know for me that this is a boredom killer. The buffer is just of such good quality and is great value.
RRP $9.30

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