Monday, 17 September 2012

Cosmetica Brush Reviews

Hi all,
Cosmetica is a great brand that provides people with fantastic brushes. I have three eye brushes to review today. Before I go into each brush individually, all these brushes came with a nice and useful clear packaging to reuse for other purposes.

Cosmetica Mascara Brush
RRP $3.95

When you first hold the brush, you can tell it is of good quality. The size of the brush makes it so portable as the brush is thin. The product is used to apply any mascara on. The applicator makes it really easy and simple to create more dramatic lashes. Usually, when applying mascara I have to get a brow comb and comb out my lashes to separate them. With this I didn't really need to because the brush separates and lifts my eyelashes. The product itself looks simple and appealing. I think this brush is so cheap and is so lovely and great.

Cosmetica Large Eyeshadow Brush
RRP $15.95
This brush is also good quality and is more thick than the other product. The bristles are made from pony hair and as a result is so soft. I love how soft it is. The brush is quite large which is so lovely. It is used to apply all eye shadows on your eye. The product is so so versatile; you can apply colour to the whole lid, shade creases, highlight the brow bone, as well as creating endless looks. You can do all this with a few strokes. This is so great for travel because you can use this one brush for many looks. Again, the product looks visually attractive. I love how affordable it is yet how it is such good quality.

Cosmetica Pointed Eyeliner Brush
RRP $12.95
This product is thinner like the mascara brush and is again so convenient and portable. The bristles are made of nylon. It is used to apply all different eyeliners. Pointed Eyeliner Brush is in a pointed shape. It is quite stiff but is less hard at the tip for ultimate control. The tip is so thin so you can achieve a nice thin line of liner. Also it is ideal for controlling the thickness of liner. The product is great for liquid eyeliners, micro concealing, adding highlights and embedding eye shadow right into the lash line. It made it more easy to apply eyeliner. I really like this brush as it really does help, doesn't break the bank and looks appealing.


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