Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Artiste Brushes - They are the best!

Hi beauties,
Artiste have a really nice range of brushes. Today I am reviewing several of their brushes. These three brushes seem to all be from the same collection. All the brushes I am reviewing look really cool and attractive as they hues of blue, pink, orange and other colours throughout the products. Like
Cosmetica, all the brushes come in their own sleeve which is great for travel and other purposes.

The first brush is Artiste Creme Blush/Bronzer. It is ideal for cheek tints and liquid bronzers to give a nice, dewy look. This product aims to create a gorgeous glow. The brush itself is very wide but thin making it so easy to apply blush and bronzer. The packaging is so simple but is very appealing. It is very versatile and has several purposes; you can use it to apply liquid, powder or cream blush and bronzer as well as other powders and face products. The bristles are so nice and soft. You can be really precise when using this product. Also, I find this brush to be very portable, convenient and great for travel.

The next brush is Artiste Foundation/Concealer. It is used mainly for foundation and concealer to give a flawless finish. The shape of the brush is so unique as it is like a dome shape; it comes to a point at the top. Also, it is quite thick and dense. The packaging is also cute and simple. It is a multi-functional tool to cover large areas but still being really precise in application. The brush is really easy to use and easy to apply foundation and concealer. To apply concealer, you just use the tip. This is very travel-friendly.

The last brush is Artiste Creme Eye. This brush is ideal for creating sultry eyes. The brush is just your standard eye brush, in regards to size. The soft tapered bristles mould to the eyelid allowing concentrated creme eye colour to be applied easily. The brush makes it so so easy to apply eyeshadow and applies it to the eyelid well. It is really really soft like all the others and has such precision. I think the product is really portable and great for travel.


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