Saturday, 29 September 2012

The purifying Facial Fresh Tea Tree Mask

Hi everyone,
This is the final review for the Facial Fresh masks for now (I know it is sad). Facial Fresh Tea Tree Cloth Facial Treatment Mask is described as cleansing, purifying and clarifying. Again like the other masks, it is so convenient because you can experience a salon treatment within minutes. The mask uses the most advanced skin enhancing cosmeceutical ingredients. The packaging is simple and fresh and each mask are hygienically sealed. This mask is wonderful for skin suffering from congestion, clogged pore, mild breakouts or blemishes. Wow, this is great! It deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin of impurities, without stripping natural vital oils. You can just tell that it is going to be great! I applied and used it normally. Like the other two, it was soaked in the serum, therefore being quite wet, and felt really refreshing on my face. After waiting fifteen minutes and patting and wiping the excess serum off using a cotton pad, my skin felt great. It felt clean, purified and quite fresh. It felt just like Spring; starting again and clean! I really do like this mask for several reasons. Firstly, it is so convenient that I can have it on while watching television and on the computer. Also it is great for my oily t-zone skin. Finally, it left my skin so smooth, soft and clean. Thanks Facial Fresh. You did it again!


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