Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I love Facial Fresh Vitamin C Cloth Facial Treatment Mask!

I'm impressed with Facial Fresh's Vitamin C Cloth Facial Treatment Mask. This mask is described as 'Energising, Brightening, Invigorating' and it is definitely that. Facial Fresh's masks' are an innovative, revolutionary way to give your skin all the benefits of a spa treatment within minutes. It uses the most advanced skin enhancing cosmeceutical ingredients (wow) including clinically proven anit-oxidants, vitamins an botanicals to saturate your skin with a precise dose of fresh concentrated serum. Each face mask is hygenically sealed in individual packaging. The product brightens and energises dull skin with a boost of youthful radiance. Vitamin C has immediate invigorating effects, leaving the skin looking clear, revitalised and glowing. Vitamin C also helps nourish and protect skin cells. Facial Fresh Vitamin C Cloth Facial Treatment Mask is suitable for ALL skin types. To use, you prepare by deep cleaning your skin. Once you take it out of the product, you put in on your face. The cloth mask is very,very wet and provides holes for your mouth and eyes and a slit for your nose. When you put it on, it is so refreshing and feels like it is filled with moisture. You keep it on your face for fifteen minutes or longer. After, you remove the mask and discard it. I then patted the serum into my skin with a clean cotton pad and wiped off excess with another cotton pad. Afterwards, my skin felt vibrant and energised. It had tight feeling and was smooth and soft. My skin was also clearer and less oily. You can purchase the mask in a single packet ($8.95) or as a pack of three ($32.85 $26.95) on their website. I loved, loved, loved this mask!


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