Saturday, 5 November 2011

Designer Brands Review: Glitter Eyeliner, Coconut Body Butter, Primer and more!

Read about some Designer Brands products before you go out to buy them!

So I did a review on other Designer Brands products and I just wanted to finish reviewing all the products today.

Glitter Eyeliner in Black Silver
The packaging is quite simple and features the brand name and logo. The size is really compact to put in your handbag or makeup bag. The brush is thin and easy to use. This product makes it even easier to do a winged eye. The colour is a nice jet black and has a little glitter through it. I think this product really adds definition and drama to any look.
RRP $8.95

Pre - Foundation Moisturising Primer
The packaging of this product is also quite simple, making it easy to use. The formula contains Vitamins C and E, Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extracts. The primer freshens up the face, smooths imperfections and really moisturises the skin. It feels very soft and smooth on the face. I like this product!
RRP $14.99

Coconut Body Butter
The product has great packaging and is so easy to apply. The first initial scent of it is a coconut fragrance. The body butter really nourishes the body. It has a great, creamy consistency. It actually is not very sticky and the body butter left my skin feeling smooth and soft.

Oil-Free Mineral Foundation in Natural Tan
The packaging of the foundation is simple like all the others. It is easy to use and apply. The consistency is nice and thin which is great for summer. It is oil-free and mineral, perfect for the hot weather in the upcoming months. The colour is really nice and natural.
RRP $11.99


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