Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty! Review: Part 1 (Lips)

Hello Kitty's birthday is on the 1st of November. Know about the Hello Kitty makeup line before it is out!

Happy Birthday! What a good day to review part one of the Hello Kitty makeup line. Hello Kitty is an icon worldwide. And she has landed in Australia. The line is so affordable, yet fashionable. Every girl, no matter how old, will love these products.

The first product is the Matte and Kiss lipstick. These are semi matte and include vitamins A and E. There are three shades. I have Bollywood. The colour is so good. It is like a perfect pink. This size is so cute and perfect to carry in your handbag. The packaging is black and features the brand name in pink and the Hello Kitty logo in silver with a jewel-like material. I really like this product as it is easy to apply and use.
RRP $12.95
The next item I want to review is the Shine and Kiss lipstick. In contrast to the semi-matte lipsticks, these contain Argan Oil and Mango Butter to nourish the lips. There are four shades to the product and I have the shade Violetta. The colour is a pink with a slight purple tinge to it and it is a nice pop of colour to add to your lips. The product also has a nice shine. Its packaging is similar to the other lipstick, instead it is a light and shiny pink with black writing.
RRP $12.95
Diamond Gloss is the name of the third Hello Kitty lip product. The lip gloss smells sweet and has unique packaging. It has a roller ball and is clear so you can see the gloss. The product also features the logo and brand name, along with the name of the product. There are three shades and I have the shade Pink Paradise. It is a sheer light pink and has a bit of glitter through it.
RRP $9.95
The next product I will review today is the Magnetic Gloss. This formula is non-sticky and smells really nice. The packaging is like a normal gloss except it contains the logo and brand name. There are also three shades of this product. I have the colour Baby Lip. It is similar to Pink Paradise in a way except it has a more of a brown hue to it and has gold sparkles through it. I love it!
RRP $13.95
The final product for part one is the Lip Balm. This product is a collector's item. I absolutely love the scent to it. The balm has a rose fragrance and contains Shea butter, apricot kernel and vitamin E to keep your lips in tip top shape. There are four shades and I have Kawai Kiss. It is pink and doesn't add much colour. The packaging is bright pink and is so cute. The lip balm is definitely moisturising and I think it is great!
RRP $9.95

You can get these from Priceline in November. What do you think of the line so far? Affordable? Fashionable? Comment below!


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