Monday, 21 November 2011

Pantene Review: Give your hair a healthy shine!

Read about one of the new collections from Pantene Pro-V; Nature Fusion!

Hi everyone,
Before I start, I want to notify you that there is going to be many new and exciting reviews coming up and perhaps a great haul. Anyway, Pantene provides premium haircare products at an affordable price. The products I am going to review today are the Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Shampoo and the Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Conditioner.

Pro-V Nature Fusion Shampoo
I think this shampoo is superb as it really cleans my hair. My hair benefits from the product because the shampoo gives it a healthy fullness and shine and the feeling of refreshment. The product has a great consistency and a nice scent. The formula includes a blend of naturally derived ingredients such as Cassia flower derived essence, avocado and grape seed oil. Nature Fusion Shampoo also contains ProV-B5 to weaken the hair within. I really like this product as it is great for everyday use.

Pro-V Nature Fusion Conditioner
This conditioner is not any worse because it is also fantastic. Together with the shampoo, the product achieves to give a shine and volume to my hair and makes my hair more easy to work with and style. The conditioner also had a nice consistency but no real scent. I found that Nature Fusion Conditioner hydrated and moisturised my hair. I use these two every time I have a shower.

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