Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hello Kitty Review: Part 2 (Body, Nails and Complexion)

See the new Hello Kitty makeup line that consists of Nail Polish, Eyeshadow and lipstick!

Part two to the Hello Kitty reviews is everything in between. This includes Nails, Body and Complexion. I think this collection is fabulous so far!

The first product is called Diamond Stars Roll On. This product is basically roll on glitter. I know many younger ones will fall in love with this but I think it also adds that extra to makeup looks or to your body. As you can probably tell, it is used for the body and face. The packaging is really pretty. It has a roller and the packaging is clear so your can see the glitter sparkle through. The brand name and logo is visible on the product. It is so easy to apply and the glitter looks really nice on the skin. The product can get a bit messy and it sparkles in the light. There is only one shade and is called Angel Rain. I like it!
RRP $9.95


The next product is the Compact Powder. The compact is the prettiest compact I have ever seen. It is a pearl pink with the logo and brand name. There is a mirror inside too. The powder is actually shaped in a Hello Kitty design. There are four shades and I have Pashmina Ambre and Pashmina Abricot. The Pashmina Abricot is a apricot and light colour and the Pashmina Ambre is a brown which can be used as a bronzer. There is really good coverage with these products and as usual are easy to apply. The Pashmina Ambre makes a fantastic bronzer and the other shade I own is perfect as a powder.
RRP $14.95

Mono Blush is the name of the third product. The coverage is long wearing and defines cheeks. There are two great shades and I have Venise. Venise is a nice rose pink. The packaging is clear and features the logo and Hello Kitty's name. I really like this because it is so easy to use and apply. When you first apply it, the blush doesn't have much colour. That means you build up the blush to achieve more colour. This means you don't look like a clown because you wore too much blush. It is fool-proof!
RRP $12.95

The last product in part two is Lacquer and Shine. These polishes are glossy and have a quick drying formula. The lacquer is quite high quality. The packaging is great. It is like a regular nail polish except the lid has a cross hatch design which gives elegance to the product. There are twelve shades and I have the shade called Eva Pink. Eva Pink is a cute hot pink. The colour looks perfect for summer as it is bright! I really love the nail polish!
RRP $9.95


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