Friday, 11 November 2011

Innoxa Review: Part 1 (Makeup)

Read about some of the makeup from the brand Innoxa before you buy it!

I love Innoxa. It is a great brand. Here is part one!

Satin Sheen SPF 30+ in Buttermilk
This is an natural finish makeup. It is 100% fragrance free and is dermatologically tested. This is suitable for normal to dry skin. The coverage is so good and natural. The Satin Sheen is long lasting and has great protection from the sun. It leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and soft. The product hides any imperfections and keeps you protected from the sun's harmful rays. The shade Buttermilk really matches my skin tone. The packaging is cute and compact and the product is easy to apply. I love it for great coverage!

Mineral Eye Colour in Earth
This is perfect for summer as it is mineral. The packaging is nice and simple featuring the brand name.  The texture of the eyeshadow is quite unique. I especially love how there are three shadows in one; a purple, a dark blue/purple and a dark black/grey. They are super pigmented and are easy to use and apply. I think they are great dramatic colours and you can create endless looks with them.
RRP $14.95

Couleurs D'ete Summer Matte Collection in Strawberry
This product is a lipstick. The packaging is quite unique as you open it and the lipstick is on the other side. This is a great summer lipstick as suggested in the title. The colour Strawberry is a nice natural rose pink. It applies on well and is pretty long lasting. I think the product is also a bit moisturising as it contains jojoba oil. I love it!
RRP $14.95

Lovely Lips Lipstick in Poppy
The packaging is exactly the same as the lipstick above but instead of being silver and clear, it is black and clear. The name of the shade sounds great for Spring and it is. The colour is a bright red and dark pink. The product is long lasting and looks fantastic on the lips as it adds a pop of colour to any look. I think this product is great! They protect lips and contain sunscreen.
RRP $14.95

Sun Kissed Bronzing Powder in Medium
I absolutely love this bronzer. You pop it open and there is two levels. The powder is on top and then if you lift it up, there is a mirror and brush. The packaging is fantastic. The brush makes it so easy to use as you just sweep it in the correct areas. I think that the product gives you a very sun kissed look. It is so great!
RRP $19.95



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