Thursday, 24 November 2011

I love the Bloom Boost Lip Balm Trio!

Read about a holiday treat; Bloom's Boost Lip Balm Trio!

Hi beauties,
I was so excited to receive this product and review for the readers here on Beauty Fix. I am sure some of you readers may have heard about the Lip Balms by Bloom that are inspired by Boost Juice flavours. This trio contains three of these lip balms; Strawberry Splash, Berry Bang and Banana Buzz. Bloom have collaborated with Boost to combine their smoothie flavours with Beeswax, Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin E. These ingredients really moisturise and hydrate the lips. The packaging of the gift set is really pretty. There is a cute tag around the product that says 'Share the Love'. The box is also beautiful with bright drawings on it. Lip Balm Trio's lip balms are a great size and are perfect to carry in your pocket. The packaging of the lip balms are cool and bright. The thing where you twist it from, is so unique and is quite stable (I hate when other lip balms break and you can't twist them up anymore). Banana Buzz has a great banana scent. It smells like the banana lollies. Berry Bang has a really good scent. I think it smells like a twist between grape and raspberry. I love Strawberry Splash and smells exactly like a strawberry Zappo! The product are super moisturising and leave my lips so smooth and soft, not to mention great smelling! This makes a great Christmas present or stocking stuffer as they are more than suitable for Summer and so affordable. They would come into use for every girl! I really love this lip balm trio.

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