Monday, 14 November 2011

I Hate Mondays! How to Survive Mondays

Read about tips and tricks to not lose your cool on Mondays!

I'm pretty sure everyone hates Mondays! I do. But don't let that bring you down because I have ways to make Monday great!

Enjoy a nice, relaxing bath
I know hopping into a warm bath on a stressful day is sensational. I like to make my baths extra special by using a Lush bath ballistic or bubble bar. I think the perfect product to use on Mondays is The Comforter because the bubble bar is so relaxing!

Try a new product
I love buying a new product on Sunday and using it for the first time on Monday. I think it makes my day more exciting and the product also gives me chance to review and also see if I like it.

Makeover your look
Trying a new makeup look will change up your Mondays. I know it makes me feel more happy and you don't know how many compliments you will get. The answer is a lot. Also, you can see what looks do and do not work for you.

Splurge on yourself
Why not drop by the shops on you way back from work? It gives you something to look forward to and try out. It does not cost much to buy even a little something every week.

So those are my tips and tricks to surviving Monday! Did they work for you? Comment below!


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