Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hello Kitty Review: Part 3 (Eyes)

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I'm so sad because this is the last part to the Hello Kitty reviews. Anyway, this last part is all about eyes.

The first product is the Kohl Eye Pencils. I absolutely love the packaging of this because the pencil has an elegant cross-hatch design in black. The brand name and logo is also featured. There are two shades and I have the one called Noir Obscur. Some of these names are really interesting. Anyway, this shade is jet black. This eye pencil is smooth to apply and smudges nicely for that look!
RRP $9.95

The second product is the Pretty Eyeliner. The product has pretty packaging with a ppink and black colour scheme. It is nice and compact to fit in your handbag or travel makeup bag. There is one shade called Matte Black. The eyeliner applies on so smoothly and the applicator is flexible. This means you can create different widths of the liner. I think this product is so fantastic. The product makes precision easy!
RRP $11.95

Pretty Mascara is the name of third Hello Kitty product in this review. The packaging is so cute as it has a pink and black colour scheme like the product above. There is one shade called Dark Black and it is a dark black. There is a tapered brush which is great. The product really lenthens, volumises and defines my lashes. I love this mascara!
RRP $14.95

The next product is callec Mono Eyeshadows. I love the packaging because it is clear. You can see the eyeshadow inside and Hello Kitty's name and logo is featured. The baked eyeshadow is very pigmented and is easy to blend. The product is very versatile and there is six shades. I have the shade called Desert Dore which is to die for. The colour is a cream with gold shimmer through it. I think it is great for everyday use and is so nice and natural.
RRP $9.95

The last product to the Hello Kitty review is the Eyeshadow Duo. The packaging is exactly like the eyeshadow above. The product is long lasting and highly pigmented. There are also six shades and I have La Dame Au Camelia. These colours are a lilac purple and baby pink. I think that it is so so so so so so great.
RRP $11.95

So that is it for the Hello Kitty reviews. If you have any queries you can email me on my Contact Me page!

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